Ltd Company Questionnaire

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Ltd Company Questionnaire

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1. Personal Details

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2. Contact us

3. Limited Company

You may check on to see if your chosen company name is available

4. Registered Office

Note if you are sigining up to a fully administered service your registered office will be our address

 Fully Administered Company (FAC) / week FAC - Two Directors / week FAC - with VAT / week Registered Office - £150+VAT / year

Your Company documents will be sent to you on receipt of payment of our fee (£120.00). You may either post us cheque or make a deposit into our company bank account

All Tax Company Services

To satisfy money laundering regulations, we will need to establish proof of identity.

You will need to provide a copy of your passport or a full photographic driving license.  Along with two proofs of address; which can include a utility bill, bank statement, council tax statement no older than 3 months.  Please note a mobile phone bill is not acceptable.