So why choose All Tax

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So why choose All Tax

So why choose All Tax? Well, put very simply, we believe we offer the best value for money service in our market without compromising on quality, reliability and professionalism.

If you are still not convinced read on…

We have Chartered & Chartered Certified Accountants working for us. Your company accounts and tax returns will be completed by a qualified individual and not an ‘accountant’s assistant’.

We have over ninety years combined first-hand experience of dealing with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the United Kingdom.
All our staff regularly attend Revenue & Customs seminars on developments within the industry.

Over 75% of our clients come from referrals. We believe giving a good service is the best advertising there is.

We have been established since 1999 as an independent firm of accountants. Since inception All Tax has faced immense challenges including the dot com bubble and credit crunch having seen through two recessions and turmoil in the global markets. This exposure has proved priceless to All Tax not only did we survive but we have grown fivefold testament to our ability and the trust our clients have put in us.

If you ring to speak to your accountant, you will be put through to him or her, otherwise you will be called back within the hour. An email enquiry will be answered the same day.
Our vast experience of dealing with tax matters means we have a good understanding of what HMRC will allow. Consequently we will make sure you do not pay a penny more in tax than you need to.

Key Reason to use All Tax

All Tax has a structured CSR programme so when you are using our service not only are you contributing to the success of your business but you are contributing to local and global sustainability initiatives – read more

Remove the stress and inconvenience: It can be incredibly stressful to try and tackle your accounts if you do not really know what you are doing. When you use a qualified accountant the stress and inconvenience is lifted from your shoulders.

The worst nightmare of business owners is to suddenly find yourself the subject of a HMRC investigation. This is because many are fearful that they may have made serious errors, which could end up costing them dearly. When you have a professional accountant to prepare your accounts, there will be no need to worry about errors coming to light.

A qualified accountant will be versed with the tax system, which means that he/she will be able to work towards saving you money. You may be failing to claim for things you have not realised you are entitled to – your accountant will be able to go through all of this and reduce your tax liabilities. There are various other areas where your accountant may be able to save you money, making it well worthwhile for many businesses to have one of these professionals on hand.

However good you are with numbers you are not an expert. Take advantage of the skills of a qualified accountant and with their experience they may be able to find legitimate ways for you to pay less tax and save money.

An accountant will take care of your accounts. They can assist you with budgeting and forecasting your cash flow, they will be able to offer advice on how to free up cash flow and where you can make savings. As your business develops, they can advise you on managing growth to maximise your profits.

Accurate financial information will help you analyse your business performance, enable you to assess what you have achieved as well as forecast and plan for the future. Also, accurate accounts will prove advantageous with your bank manager in the future if you decide you need to raise capital for business expansion.

Whether you’ve just started or are now beginning to expand your business, an accountant has experience across a variety of industries and can offer you the best professional advice and business solutions.

As well as doing the paperwork and minimising your tax bill – your accountant can also be a great source of advice to help you grow your business. In order for your business to be a success it’s important that you take the correct financial and managerial decisions early on. A few wrong moves in the early days can put you out of business – I can testify to that myself from past experience.

An accountant can act as a sounding board. He or she knows your business almost as well as you do and probably knows the financial side of it even better. Objective input from someone that knows your business but doesn’t have the emotional attachment to it that you do is priceless

Proper record-keeping is a legal requirement for those in business and the financial penalties for not keeping the right information or keeping records in the right format can be significant.

Any business owner knows, time is money. If you or your employees are spending huge amounts of time pouring over taxes and accounts, you are not being productive in other areas. This could prove more costly than actually paying for a professional accountant. With the services of the accountants, you can save yourself and your business a lot of time.
So if you are new to the contracting market, or are sick of being treated like a number by your current accountant, or are tired of paying over the odds for a less than satisfactory service, give us a call or drop us an email. Like 51,000 others previously, you won’t be disappointed.